Bookbinding is an inspiring combination of functionality and art.

The bindings are very technical and precize. One small error and the book will fall apart. This is not the case for the cover. Here you can experiment with new techniques, weird combinations and local patterns for the book.

In my books I'll get to put all my creativity and ideas, and I hope to excite the creativity of the future owners.


I've been book binding since Highschool. I bound my essays and diaries but missed sophisticated technique. During my later studies as an art teacher I attended several workshops and courses of Marja Wilgenkamp, Joke Werkhoven and Leonard Beuger.

Currently I'm living for half a year in Florence, where I specialize myself in it's typical marbling and it's rich history. Florence is a wonderful place to find inspiration, so much history and stories!


In half a year I'll be giving new book binding workshops in Amsterdam. See the link below for the specifics.